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Pepe Netscape Communicator (for Windows 95, 98 and NT).

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PepeSearch has customized the famous Netscape browser to enhance your surfing experience.
Pepe Netscape is based on the latest release of Netscape's Internet software suite: Communicator 4.5. Features new to version 4.5 are Smart Browsing; a three-paned, integrated Mail and News interface; pinpoint addressing; and a scalable address book. This version also boasts improved handling of POP mail, the ability to download newsgroup articles for offline use, and roaming access to preferred messaging and browsing environments, regardless of what machine you are using to get to the Web. Other improvements include built-in support for various multimedia tools like RealPlayer 5.0, the audio plug-in Beatnik, and Macromedia Flash. This version includes instant access to PepeSearch, one-click access to specific PepeSearch sections and additional features that will enhance your Web surfs. Smoother Web surfing ahead:

Click here to download Pepe Netscape 4.5 for Windows 95, 98 and NT. (13.7 MB).


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